Upcoming Show: 70th Fall Salon at CAA

Happy to announce I’ll be showing a recent piece in the Fall Salon a the Cambridge Art Association.  This is their 70th anniversary and I’m so happy to be a part of it.  The piece that I’ve included is, ‘Clarity’, from my Cold Water series.

'Clarity' 10x24"acrylic on multiple acrylic panels, © Jess Hurley Scott, contemporary landscape, painting, art, artist, seascape
‘Clarity’ 10×24″acrylic on multiple acrylic panels, © Jess Hurley Scott

The salon spans both of the CAA’s galleries, my painting will be in the Katherine Shultz Gallery at 50 Lowell St, Cambridge, MA.  There is a reception planned on Friday, September 12th from 5:30-7:30 in both of the galleries.  Needing some culture in your Friday?  Stop on by for a cocktail and some art!

You can learn more about the Cambridge Art Association here.


New Painting: Turmoil

I’ve started a new series of paintings from a storm off of Scituate’s coast late this winter. I was really drawn to the movement and frenzy of the water.   This series is also getting me to work a bit larger than I have in a while, this piece, Turmoil, is 17×24″ and I’m working on some bigger pieces since the start of this.  I wanted to use the acrylic layers to really build the waves, the foam, the spray… where some parts are very crisp and others are hazed by the mist of the turning ocean.

acrylic on multiple acrylic panels, landscape painting, seascape, jess hurley scott
Turmoil, 17×24″ acrylic on multiple acrylic panels

© Jess Hurley Scott


The piece is framed in custom routed acrylic which enables you to see the layers but also allows light to enter from all sides of the piece.

acrylc on multiple acrylic panels, landscape painting, seascape, jess hurley scott
a side detail showing the layers of acrylic from, Turmoil.

I’m excited to work  more in this vein, there’s something about the tension and range of movement that I’m really drawn to.


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