"Mercury, #3", 18" x 24" x 2", acrylic on multilayered acrylic panels, © 2015 Jess Hurley Scott

New series: Mercury

I've been working on a new group of water paintings where silvery light played of the ocean one night as the sun was setting off of Peggoty Beach. There were lots of great shots, so far, I have three 'Mercury' pieces which will all be in my upcoming solo show at The Lucky Finn which opens … Continue reading New series: Mercury

South Shore Style TV Interview!

Had to share that my first TV interview for South Shore Style TV is now being aired on SCTV (Channel 8 for all you Scituate folks!). I'm including a link to the weekly schedule if you want to check out the air times. However, for all the the non-Scituate peeps and device inclined, here's the … Continue reading South Shore Style TV Interview!

"Minot Tide", 36 x 48", acrylic on canvas. © Jess Hurley Scott, scituate, painting, seascape, contemporary art

Canvas Studies

I had been posting on Instagram about a series of canvases I had been working on. They were in part an idea for a friend's wedding and an exercise in loosening up at a large scale. I got a lot of great feedback on them so I wanted to share them as a whole. They … Continue reading Canvas Studies

Illumination, 5x13" acrylic on multilayered acrylic panel, 2015, ©Jess Hurley Scott

New Painting: Illumination (at the South Shore Arts Festival)

While I'm working on a number of larger paintings, I have a recent new small scale piece that was accepted in the 60th South Shore Arts Festival Juried Show coming up June 19th, 20th & 21st. It is 5" x 13" and is acrylic paint on three separate panels of acrylic.   The reference for the … Continue reading New Painting: Illumination (at the South Shore Arts Festival)

ASMA, American Society of Marine Artists, seascape, marine art, painting

Exhibition: “Reflections” at the Gadsden Arts Center

I'm very pleased to announced that I have work that has been accepted in the South Region American Society of Marine Artists Juried Exhibition. The show entitled, "Reflections", will open April 10th and run till June 20th at the Gadsden Arts Center in Quincy, Florida. This is my first exhibit with the ASMA and I'm so happy … Continue reading Exhibition: “Reflections” at the Gadsden Arts Center

"And Again", 2015, 32" x 40", Acrylic on multiple acrylic panels. ©Jess Hurley Scott"And Again", 2015, 32" x 40", Acrylic on multiple acrylic panels. ©Jess Hurley Scott, painting, ocean painting, marine artist, art, painter, seascape, contemporary art

New Painting: And Again

A new painting in my Spindrift series, "And Again". This new painting is 32" x 40" and is painted in acrylic on three layers of acrylic panel. The framing is also routered acrylic. This is the third large piece in the series which joins "Caught Inside" and "Breakwall" and I love the emotion that water … Continue reading New Painting: And Again

"Caught Inside", 29x44" acrylic on multilayered acrylic panels. © Jess Hurley Scott, art, painting, ocean, waves, landscape, contemporary art

New Painting: Caught Inside

My most recent painting from my new series, Spindrift, is a 29x44" multilayered paneled acrylic piece entitled, "Caught Inside". As I've increased my scale and narrowed my composition, I am really interested in how the layering and scale starts transform the image. I've loved the movement and emotion that these big waves have been taking … Continue reading New Painting: Caught Inside

"Sunder and Spray", 18"h x 44"w, acrylic paint on multiple acrylic panels, © Jess Hurley Scott, art, painting, wave painting, artist, contemporary landscape, seascape, ocean

“Sunder and Spray” at Trinity Collection

UPDATE: This piece has been sold. This painting which I just completed is the largest I've completed yet. At 18"h x 44"w it has a great presence and I'm loving the detail and impact I can get at a larger scale. Entitled, 'Sunder and Spray', it's a wild wave breaking in different directions as it … Continue reading “Sunder and Spray” at Trinity Collection

"The Wave Falters", 21"h x 31"w, acrylic on multiple acrylic panels, © Jess Hurley Scott

‘The Wave Falters’, at Nantucket Christmas Stroll

Thrilled to finally assemble this new painting this weekend titled, "The Wave Falters". It is a larger piece, at 21"h x 30"w, but  I was fascinated with the texture and translucency of this shot so having a larger scale to work with was key. The piece is comprised of 3 layers of clear acrylic paneling that is … Continue reading ‘The Wave Falters’, at Nantucket Christmas Stroll

"Rip Tide" © Jess Hurley Scott acrylic on multiple acrylic panels, layered landscapes, layered glass painting, painter

New Painting: Rip Tide

As another Nor'Easter has blown through the South Shore, I thought it appropriate to share my lastest piece!  I was previewing this in Hingham during the Hingham Arts Walk before I finished it so I could show how the piece is created. I have since finished this frothy moment and am happy to share it with you! … Continue reading New Painting: Rip Tide

Layers Upon Layers: Art Onions?

I've been playing with some new images for an upcoming fundraiser at the James Library in Norwell. It's somewhat of an experiment for me, as the premise of the show is to use Instagram images printed and mounted on panels for an upcoming fund raiser in November. I like the idea of it so I'm … Continue reading Layers Upon Layers: Art Onions?

acrylic on multiple acrylic panels, landscape painting, seascape, jess hurley scott

New Painting: Turmoil

I've started a new series of paintings from a storm off of Scituate's coast late this winter. I was really drawn to the movement and frenzy of the water.   This series is also getting me to work a bit larger than I have in a while, this piece, Turmoil, is 17x24" and I'm working … Continue reading New Painting: Turmoil