Layers Upon Layers: Art Onions?

I’ve been playing with some new images for an upcoming fundraiser at the James Library in Norwell.


It’s somewhat of an experiment for me, as the premise of the show is to use Instagram images printed and mounted on panels for an upcoming fund raiser in November. I like the idea of it so I’m taking the opportunity to play with some of my layered acrylic paintings and try a new medium with them. I’m playing with some shots now, we’ll see how they come out and I’ll post them before the show. Guess I have to purchase some Mod Podge!

Turmoil- Instagram, Jess Hurley Scott, Instagram Art, Landscape Paiinting on Instagram, seascape , layered paintings

piece for the instagram show, instagram, jess hurley scott, seascape, ocean painting
Before the Erosion detail, © Jess Hurley Scott
instaart, abstract landscape, ocean, jess hurley scott, painter, seascape art
So far untitled but in works piece for the instagram show

These images are just the filtered files so far. In the end, I will have used digital imagery to created layered paintings that are then re-shot digitally, printed out and decoupaged to panels. The evolution of the imagery and it transferring from one medium to another appeals to me and we’ll see how it comes out!

The Instagram Show and Party  is November 7th, 2014 from 7-9pm.

24 West St. Box 164,
Norwell, Massachusetts

tickets for the party can be purchased here

Seems like a fun night and a great cause, hope you can join us. Cheers!

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