Ghost on Eldridge: Featured work

Ghost on Eldridge

Some of you may have seen my instagram post from when I was in New York to meet with the Woodward Gallery for a new installation piece at the Gourmet Garage Tribeca. It was a total surprise that they had decided to hold onto my piece, “And Again”, from the “New Work, New York” exhibition that had just closed and install the piece across the street at their other property, Ghost on Eldridge. Ghost, is a very cool bar space that the gallery operates as well as curates a rotating collection of contemporary work. I was floored and so psyched to see the piece there along with  a few other artists from the exhibition.

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It looks so cool in the space, if you get a chance, you have to stop by. The cocktails are amazing and the vibe is oh-so-cool, not to mention, the Woodward Gallery is across the street and has a fantastic exhibit running on BK Foxx the street artist who’s focus is on social awareness of animals.

132A Eldridge St.
Lower East Side
New York, N.Y. 10002

GHOST is located just across the street from
Woodward Gallery on Manhattan’s
Lower East Side
between Broome and Delancey Street


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